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Natural Dark Green Medicine Stone Jade Bracelet

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Product description

"Ink jade" is also called "black-green" jade:
1: The appearance is black, with white dot-like mineral crystals and a small amount of stone grains (stone tendons) on the surface. The inside is a scale metamorphic structure, so it is also called: "serpentine stone"
2: It contains a variety of minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. Wearing for a long time can effectively eliminate toxins, promote blood circulation, delay the aging of the human body mechanism, and prevent certain diseases, so it is also called: "medicine stone"
3: It belongs to the world's rare minerals. Its appearance is black, and the inside is green under strong light. It contains magnetite metal ions, so it can adsorb magnets, so it is also called: "living magnet"

Warm reminder:
1: Due to the difference between the monitor and the camera, there is a slight normal deviation between the color of the actual product and the product promotion picture
2: Natural ink jade ore, with natural silk patterns, stripes, cloud-like stone patterns (asbestos), and tiny mineral crystals (commonly known as: miscellaneous spots, variegated colors) on the outside or inside. This is a natural feature and also The authenticity mark is not a quality issue
3: The difference and change of the overall and partial colors of the finished ink jade bracelet, as well as the appearance of natural characteristics, are determined by the characteristics of the raw ore mined in batches. Each has its own characteristics and cannot be a perfect standard fixed reference.

Material: ink green jade
Color: black / light, green inside
Pattern: Clear
Specification: inner diameter / 56mm-64mm
Width / 14.5mm
Slight error in manual measurement
Style: traditional culture
Production process: mechanical, manual
Packing: PP bag independent box packaging
Category: Bracelets--Wrist Ornaments
Applicable: Women / White Collar / Dance / Actor / Family / Wedding Banquet / Fashion / Performance / Social Party / Entertainment / Travel / Gift
Shopping example: 62 (caliber), if you have any questions, please leave a message, we will definitely reply
Caliber size can be selected according to the attached measurement table
By measuring the circumference of the hand according to the hand shape indicated in the measurement table of the attached picture, the diameter of the bracelet can be calculated

We will select the best bracelets for delivery, but we cannot avoid the aesthetic illusion caused by the characteristic defects of natural ores/crystal stones, which will not affect the wearing and appearance
If you estimate that you cannot pick up the goods on time, please place your order carefully, or contact customer service in advance to understand the time limit

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